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  • HRIC Filip, Evaluation of QGIS Processing Modeler according to physics of notation, bc
  • KUDĚLKA Václav, Evaluation of the GIS product user interface in geotask solutions using eye-tracking testing, mg
  • ŠARATA Jan, Advanced spatial search in the mobile GIS applications, mg
  • ŠTENCEK Adam, Evaluation of interactive map with use of eye-tracking, mg


  • HLAVÁČ Daniel, Actualization of data for botanical garden Palacký University, bc
  • ŠIMONÍK David, Evaluation of graphical notation for ArcGIS Diagrammer according to physics of notation, bc
  • OTEVŘELOVÁ Adéla, Eye tracking evaluation of salience and interactive work in visual programming languages, mg
  • ZIEGLEROVÁ Jana, Evaluation of eye tracking testing of visual programming languages, mg


  • HAVLÍK Michael, Time-spatial analysis of selected diseases in the Olomouc Region , mg
  • HÝBNER Radek, Design of an optimal placement of bike rental stations and their capacities in Olomouc, mg
  • MÜLLER Ondřej, Extension of information portal BotanGIS , mg
  • PEŠKO Martin, Evaluation of cartographic functionality for mobile GIS application, mg
  • GANBAATAR Sukhdorj, Automatic classification of data using triangular point graph in ArcGIS, bc
  • KUDĚLKA Václav, Comparison of visual programming in GIS prosucts according to cognitive dimensions, bc


  • BARTESKA Jakub, Educational portal of the botanical area for botany education with support of GIS, mg
  • KADLČÁK Martin, Proposal of implementation of language module for the voice control of map, mg
  • PŘICHYSTAL Jiří, Processing of cartographic rules in intelligent system, bc
  • HAŠKA Vojtěch, UML modeling for GIS tasks, bc


  • KOLÁČKOVÁ Kateřina, The influence of potential urban area in CHKO Beskydy on landscape type and infrastructure, mg
  • KŘIVKA Tomáš, Spatial assessment of physical activities in built-up area, mg
  • SADÍLEK Ondřej, Temporal analysis of the development of parks in the Philosophical Faculty UP Olomouc, mg
  • POHANKA Tomáš, Database of urban plans for the Olomouc Region, bc


  • ŠTRUBL Ondřej, Metainformation system of geodata for Department of geoinformatics, mg
  • VALENT Tomáš, Programming of extension for diagram map creation in ArcGIS, mg
  • HAVLÍK Michael, Manual of health data geocoding in database EPIDAT, bc
  • HÝBNER Radek, Tool for label placement in ArcGIS, bc
  • KADLČÁK Martin, Creation of geodatabase model for ArcGIS 9.x, bc


  • PÍPAL Martin, Information system of collection conservatories Flora Olomouc, mg
  • SMÉKAL Jan, Utilization of OLAP Extension in GIS, mg
  • MANDA Roman, Database points of interest for Uhersky Brod region, bc
  • MORKESOVÁ Petra, Orientation plan of ZOO Olomouc, bc
  • SADÍLEK Ondřej, Parks plan of Philosophical faculty of Palacky University in Olomouc,  bc


  • HAKENOVÁ Michaela, Book of examples of cartographic representation in ArcGIS 9.2, bc
  • MATĚJČEK Ivan, Program extensions of label creation in ArcGIS, bc
  • SCHILL Pavel, Data capture for the map of tropical conservatories of Flora Olomouc, bc


  • PAJURKOVÁ Kristýna, Project studies of information system for Botanical garden of Palacky University, mg
  • HLADIŠOVÁ Barbora, Map key evaluation and proposition of urban plans of micro region Hranicko, bc
  • PÍPAL Martin, Information system of the Palm conservatory of Flora Olomouc, bc
  • SMÉKAL Jan, Testing of GML format, bc


  • FOUSKOVÁ Dana, The spatial database of the ornamental woods of the botanical garden and its visualization, bc
  • PACHTA Petr, Coverage of Olomouc Region by selective radio signal system for fire brigade demands, bc
  • PIETRASOVÁ Petra, The set of exercises for using Maplex extension for ArcGIS 9, bc
  • PANEC Petr, Testing of possibilities extended applications of ArcGIS by user, bc
  • KOLÁČKOVÁ Kateřina, The collection of examples of thematic maps in Autodesk Map 3D, bc


  • BAŠE Petr, Data Model Design of Navigation Data in ArcGIS, bc
  • MARTÍNEK Jan, Interactive map of classrooms on Faculty of Science UP, bc
  • PAJURKOVÁ Kristýna, Information system for botanical garden on Faculty of Science UP, bc
  • SMOLKOVÁ Kateřina, Spatial database of present and substitute planting wood and its visualization, bc


  • KOŘÍNEK Kamil, Metainformation system of geographical data, bc
  • PURŠL František, Geographical database of GIS software and their description and comparison, bc
  • VALLOVÁ Michaela, Information system of botanical garden Pedagogical faculty UP, bc
  • NOVÁK Michal, Collection examples of geographical databases for the subject Spatial database systems, bc